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Coffee table book | Hardcover | 205 pages | 9.9 x 9.9 x 0.55 inches

Made In The USA

Made in the USA

200 of the most popular real tweets by @realdonaldtrump. The Commander in Tweet held nothing back, from mic-drop punch lines during petty online feuds to sparring with the fake news media over the meaning of 'covfefe' to a heated 'nuclear button' measuring contest with North Korea.

Like a talented artist painting vivid, thought-provoking, and sometimes head-scratching works of art, the most modern-day-presidential President covered it all, only to get censored, perma-banned, and erased off the internet. Sad!

You can find President Trump's Greatest Hits and all of your favorite tweets in The Art of the Tweet, a beautiful, some would say the most beautiful, coffee table book that's sure to start a conversation around one of social media's most controversial voices.

Cover artwork by Ben Garrison

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  • 100% Real Tweets

    200 of the most popular real tweets from @realdonaldtrump

  • Made in the USA

    The Art of the Tweet is proudly designed and printed in the USA

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  • Rogan O'Handley (@dc_draino)

    "Love the tweets of President Trump calling out the media and swamp on their BS. High quality book. It’s on my coffee table."

  • Grant Godwin (@the_typical_liberal)

    “Going through this book brought back so many good memories. Forgot how many epic tweets President Trump had.”

  • David Harris Jr. (@davidharrisjr)

    "Are you kidding me?! It’s the perfect book to go on your coffee table. This book will show you exactly why they didn’t want to keep our President, Donald J. Trump on Twitter."